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2012. if only i could. we thank you for your comments. keep them coming. go to the twitter, send us an e-mail. good night from new york. ♪ neil: you are looking live at jacksonville, florida. have you noticed something? he will be addressing supporters very shortly. the red cross -- red cross flags as well as the american flag. a scene pretty much throughout hurricane sandy. he is never taking his eye off of the sympathize and let people know he is in their corner. between he and his wife and paul ryan and everyone else associated with the campaign pitching for red cross donations. very crucial in these next days before the presidential election to balance of that very delicate line between just being
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political and being caring, not the ps/2. it's always a juxtaposition for the challenger. on the same day the president of the united states was touring the garden state with no less than chris christie, a lot of political mechanician is read into that one. as a new jersey resident, you take it wherever you can. earlier today, if you are chris christie looking for financial health, gorman and his job was offering id you ticket and run with it. today the two men during damaged areas. so many of the places that made new jersey one of the cost is clean of states in the country. now, back to florida and this race and how things stand. i want to bring you up-to-date on the latest poll. these are some shockers. we have always told you. my body with and we will be hearing shortly, it is as tight as a tape. is pretty much confirms it. 46-46. that is called a tie.
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now take a look at the approval and disapproval this is getting on the president and how he's doing on the economy. 45 percent are approving of the job is doing. 52 percent are not. i should say that approval rating has edged up. this could be, perhaps, the more distressing news for at least mitt romney. he still leads among independent voters by 7 percent, but that has gone down from 12% that he enjoyed a little more than a couple weeks ago. you can extrapolate all you will from these polls. doesn't mean that the trend is the residence friend again, six days to go, it's anyone's guess. the romney folks still feel the momentum is there. in the sunshine state particularly. >> hi. on the subject of disaster relief effort, one of the
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pre-show entertainer's a little while ago encouraged the audience to tax that red cross number and raise a thousand dollars. a guesstimate that it was considerably more. lots of people responded. that has been what he has been doing for the last day in a half, but the campaign resumed its rhetoric. romney did not mention obama by name. lots of advocacy for the romney agenda conto million jobs. more energy production. education, cracking down on chinese trade in championing small businesses. there is no question about it. the romney campaign held a teleconference today with reports to say that they are just where they had always hoped it would be in the closing days of this campaign. in a statistical tie knocking on the door and able to win. they still can win but is not at all by any means a certainty.
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a scare tactic when republicans that they think their vote doesn't matter they could be wrong in the need to get to the polls. with that said, some concern in the polls for the campaign. then seen in the seven surveys in the last two days, of ohio that shows that it's still a margin race within the margin of error, but mr. obama is with a slight lead with and that margin so the romney campaign has begun looking at expanding the battlefield where the playing field to make you will, by going after states like minnesota and michigan and pennsylvania, states that have been in the blue column for many, many weeks just as the polls tighten up in the debate nationwide, it was a battleground state that seems to have taken a little longer, but in those three states it's also a margin race. the romney campaign spending money trying to provide additional discussions to get to the 270 needed electoral college
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votes in order to win. very, very tight. confidence and optimism. when republicans will have to get to the polls come tuesday. neil: i know it's hard to hear there. i understand if you can't. are they concerned that maybe the storm to make it had been a helluva lot worse. obviously they mentioned the debts, the horrible stuff associated with the storm, but given the fact that the tents of the rallying around the president, and that appears to be the case right now, are they worried that at the very least they disrupted what had been momentum going for them and that the timing for them is problematic? >> sure. you're talking about some of the october surprise politics, and there is always this nagging issue that happens after the debate season closes in the final sprint of the election, something happens, and this case obviously a natural disaster. two things to be concerned about. the actual infrastructure impact
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on the election in terms of early voting, balloting places, electricity, things like that the could make things more complicated and discourage people from being able to get to the polls or want to get to the polls and then there is a question of freezing the race, whether or not his momentum, which was clearly existed before the storm might have been in some way inhibited, slow down, were halted and whether or not president obama using the power of incumbency as the president with his hands on the leaders of disaster relief and declarations by people take advantage of that that's in part whether romney campaign stayed on the trail today but toned down the anti obama rhetoric and up the unity rhetoric and in part why yesterday they were very cautious to take part in a very aggressive relief and donation development effort with that big fund-raising job that they did that one of their retooled advance that started as a rally and ended up being a charity concert in their words. try everything they can to mitigate the president's advantage from dealing with this
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natural disaster. one thing crass and cynical. looking at it as a political tool for either side. the president was careful today, as was chris christie, to steer clear of partisanship in the election. frankly unseemly and insulting to the people on the victims of the. barely conscious of that so he won't complain about the present doing his job and going to the disaster zone and reviewing it, looking at it, promising of health began. planning to go to virginia. he will necessarily be in storm ravaged areas, but he would like very much to go take a look at new jersey with governor chris christie himself, even perhaps to for election day. so there is a capacity for this to hurt or help both candid it's at this point is to orally. frankly, nothing has moved the kneele much over the selection for the better part of 18 months. still a statistical tie.
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>> all right. thank you very much. a very noisy jacksonville's florida. is it me or is the present government just never ready for that. neil: it's always -- you would swear that he was still governor of florida. a very popular figure in florida future presidents. still a lot of folks like to say . pat adelle is with us. washington examiner editor. independent women's forum expert . and begin with you. on this race where it stands now , the economy comes presumably front and center. play that out in the race these next six days. neil: well, as car was just saying, not many events have removed the needle. in a situation where about half of the country has already decided they want to see president obama reelected and the other half supports governor
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romney. whom actually shows up? turning in the base. which side has the most enthusiasm. neil: to receive any shots of these crowds in jacksonville? huge craft they have been getting in and around the country. as you often remind me, that doesn't mean anything. i think you told me that michael dukakis and huge crowds in the waning days. >> george mcgovern has a gigantic crowds. >> sure. much older. but what do you make of that? and whether that is not being calculated, the passion factor in your base. >> one of the things in the poll tonight that is important is that republicans seem much more galvanized and democrats. it is -- the republicans are voting 95 percent in this poll for romney. they show about a 12. eight in both wanting him to be reelected and think it's
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important darman be elected. president allows supporters, his approval rating is back up to near 50. this is a slightly democratic sample. internally it looks strong, but this is before the storm. neil: all these samplings. a rolling out. >> as they came in. that matters. good news for both, but we don't know. neil: all about the passion and the base. i was thinking of the storm, thinking of the millions who are still without power. nothing approaching this magnitude. i do want to scare people again because will have an update later. but i will ask you whether it comes back to what pat said. you have to get that jazz phase-out. electricity disruptions, get out and vote. >> well, you know, it does seem
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like a lot of the indications point to of more energized of public and base. however, it is important to note that that pace, you know, hal energized are they in ohio? probably the only question that will ultimately matter. does look like the romney campaign since the -- of the can when an ohio there are other ways to win. they have ideas, but those are pretty fan support compared to the idea of just winning in ohio. the obama campaign as far as getting a jazz of, they basically said, we know we're probably going to lose independent voters, but we can afford to as long as we don't lose the by too much. we don't need that -- you know, we don't need to convince as many people. the republicans. neil: we want to thank you. mitt romney, on this, sandy, what he will do, but as all my
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guests pointed out, the incorporated this and the storm and the fact that they are not oblivious to it in virtually all of their course adjustment. romney has said more because he is still campaigning. come back to the white house and being presidential. always that fine line between not looking to opportunistic, but you are running for president. pleased to see and hear from you. here to continue coverage. don't forget six days from now we will be with you all might beginning at 6:55 p.m. right through -- a lot of states and localities still don't have power. that could be like, you know, doing account in botswana. the long-distance think i've ever been on the air straight is 11 hours. does the record. we could break that. coming up, they guy leading the federal effort to deal with all of this flooding in new york.
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neil: you know, just because the worst is over from sandy it is not over by a long shot. very simple, much of downtown new york is still badly flooded. any way you get through or to any of the exchanges are places of business that you can unless you try to take a car and. good luck with that. new rules and restrictions on that today. i guess it's just a couple of people, may be handed the endo riley can helicopter and, but that's about it. very tough, very messy, and it stands to be that way for days, maybe even weeks to come. wonder why the estimates are that this is going to of like our gdp, economy half a point to more, it's going to be a mess. here trying to address that and make sure that we can get out of this and through this, engineer, commanding general, thank you very much for coming. it really is a mess.
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i know is the combination of a variety of perfect storms that form one incredible storm, with the aftermath is something on like to have seen in some time. what do you guys do now just to deal with that part of it? >> first thank you for having me here. i want to say that my thoughts and prayers, i know those that have lost loved ones, lost property and other damages in this terrible tragedy. our focus now is first life and safety and making sure that we support those cities and states that are in dire need of help. we do that through the federal emergency management agency and the whole nation, all 30 federal agencies are working with the president and with the team in washington at the regional level and with the states to ensure their requirements are met.
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the prairies to my would say, beyond life and safety, once we get into the recovery effort making sure we get electricity back to those locations that are currently without power. just in manhattan. is significant issue. we are working aggressively with all the teams there that help recover that area. as you pointed out earlier, the water issue. we have never seen this type of devastation, either in new jersey, manhattan, were up and down the coast, with the are really focused on water as well and trying to get everybody back to work in the back to normalcy as quickly as we can. neil: i don't know where your duty and others may be more, local jurisdiction picks up with comes to looking for the missing. until that they have these cross reference lists for those who might have left their apartments or their condominiums in downtown new york or any one of
8:19 pm
the number of vulnerable to these up and down along the east coast. if they don't hear from them is very hard to hear from anybody. the lousy cell phone service and disruptions in communication, but there are potentially thousands who are unaccounted for. that is not unusual. what makes it unusual, still account teeseven accounted for. what do you do about that? >> well, you know, cities and states are using their first responders. what we are doing to try to help them in that regard is to identify those locations where the first responders operate and make sure they have the power a any other requirements that they need to in order to execute their missions. what happened prior to the storm which i give a lot of credit to those states and cities that were involved, last year we made assessments on over 2500 different individual areas, whether there were police stations in hospitals, nursing
8:20 pm
homes, these were the critical facilities that the governors and mayors felt needed to be brought up to speed as soon as a disaster of this magnitude would come through, so all of that work has happened. now we're out making assessments on what was damaged on that list and then immediately repairing, but some of that is first responder, some of that is operation centers to get the first responders out to do the work they need to. neil: i want to thank you, thank all of your men and women. one image that stands starkly in my mind is while everyone is running out of danger zone, it's you and your men and women who are burning in. i tell you, it's an indelible image that never leaves. i wanted thank you. no i speak for a pretty grateful quarter of the nation that would readily agree. >> we appreciate -- appreciated. this is a team effort, department of defense working with all the agencies, and we
8:21 pm
can be proud to be americans because even during a tragedy like this there is good news in seeing america come together to help other americans in the time of need. neil: i agree. you see it in times like this, but you're right. thank you very much. >> thank you. neil: coming up, stocks opened for trading again today. a little bumpy. did it have to be that way? two days of not trading because of the storm. what did we lose the size just a couple of days? the lot of folks seem to think our respect. is that true? jack, you're a little boring. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn...
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♪ [applause] neil: whooping it up there tonight and why he has targeted florida, another one of the most when states. in most of the polls he is leading, not all of them. that's what makes him such a dicey guy, but he is selling the red meat to a group of very loyal partisans, but he does have a good shot at winning estate. ohio is looking more problematic certainly michigan. florida, they always talk about you have to win ohio, but an order to jump-start that you have to win florida. certainly more confidence in the sunshine state than at present they are in any other state. monitor what he's saying about the economy. help support for the red cross to deal with the aftereffects. we weren't trading for couple of days. it finally resumed today. it was bumpy. mayor bloomberg was there.
8:26 pm
euro next it was a bumpy affair, but they get through it. did they really need to go through all of this? as you know, we have questions. this global capitol, the markets were sidelined for a bad storm, but a storm. we will talk tough mark manson about that. what do you think of that? is to look good. shut down. just quieted in the middle of the storm for today's. >> i think it was actually the right thing to do. these market makers and traders make their money when there is action going back and forth. this showed tremendous restraint secondly, the average investor needs to be looking to income of 20 years down the road with building their portfolio. given any today time friend, this not calling to be a deal breaker.
8:27 pm
certainly i think that as far as having to respect, i think we will lose more respect by having massive deficit, structural plus $0.40 on every dollar borrowed. neil: that is brilliantly put. i wish when i was arguing earlier and from it that way, that's what makes it a big expert and the degree teleprompter reader. in all seriousness that is a very good point. also the human safety issue. i know others have expanded. you can do a lot of the stuff of computers but you and i know you can't do it exclusively on computers. you need people doing stuff. there is an alternative. but what you make of that argument that next time, and there will be in next time, we get our act together so that we can resume trading regardless of the calamity or is it that important to resume trading?
8:28 pm
>> and if those guys had gone back to work early, we had at crash where a trillion dollars was lost in the market in ten minutes. luckily it was recouped by the end of the day. investors have lost faith in the markets. they lost faith in equities. the last thing we need is people going back to work, risking safety and at the same time resting and other technological crash which could cause even more damage to the psyche of the mainstream investor. neil: very well put. i wish i had your mouth and my brain earlier. thank you, young man. very good having you. again, i raised this before. i get to tell you, a storm, with could potentially die and drown. is it worth it? really? more after this.
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of it.
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and you this is a test anyone this is this is not a dramatic change in weather patterns, i think they are denying reality. >> he ridiculed the president. ridiculed the president for his efforts to fight global warming. he said oh, you're going to turn them back to the seas. well, my part of america, we would like it if someone could of done that. part of learning from this is the recognition that climate change is a reality. neil: addressing a situation that might be severe due to weather patterns. i am frankly confused.
8:33 pm
but i'm frankly amazed that every time we had a storm, i can counts in seconds how quickly they seize on it as proof. so you have global warming, a lot of rain in downtown manhattan. global warming. you have any city in china. it's global warming. i'm confused. author steve malloy is trying to distinguish fact from fiction. what is going on now? because i tell you, any event they can attach to any one of a myriad of obvious man-made causes -- >> this is an old trick of theirs. but the reality is that short-term weather has nothing to do with long-term climate change. number two, i read yesterday this was the worst storm to hit new jersey since 1821. well, okay. what was going on in new jersey in 1821, there were no coal-fired power plants or suvs. al gore was not using 20 times
8:34 pm
the electricity is the average american citizen. finally, when you get down to it, the global warming theory debunks itself when it comes to more storms. under the theory, you know, the part of the planet that is really getting warm is supposed to be the polar regions. what actually does is calm down climate because it is the temperature difference between the polar regions and the topics that are the real weather makers on this planet. neil: you know, leaving aside the dispute as to whatever is going on in the series of weather patterns representing how man must spend trillions of dollars in an environment where we don't have trillions of dollars to do much of anything. why is it always the case? to what end? >> well, you know, global warming has been the most successful green scam and it is
8:35 pm
a tremendous tool of the laughter at the left is just now starting to embrace global warming as a means towards government control of everything of the economy and socialism. you know, when you tell people that capitalism and the free market is destroying the environment, people get scared. they are willing to turn over control of their lives and the economy to the central planners and that is the goal. neil: so when you look at it, you are trying to debunk what has been popular, mainstream media nonsense. do you look at what has been happening recycle is -- i mean, the famed meteorologist joe, we go through these periods of intense weather patterns and we misinterpret them in the middle of them.
8:36 pm
it has little to do with intense weather patterns. when people say that they have signs that show that humans are harming the climate, i can call that science. how does the climate work. how to explain it, how to predict what's going to happen in the future, i can't do that and nobody can because the climate is one of those complex things. it's like the economy except even more complex. so i don't even try to get into explaining why things are the way they are. neil: you can debunk something and that shows a lot. that shows a valuable role. you are quite right. we didn't even have the coal-fired plants back then. steve malloy, thank you so much. i just wanted to put that into perspective. >> you can believe what you want to we and it doesn't make you an ignoramus or a quack.
8:37 pm
maybe it makes you a tad more informed. but it's up to you. meanwhile, president obama and chris christie. is this a bad idea? you know, michael bloomberg had the same idea to examine sites. but the president cannot be bothered. he didn't put it quite like that to the president, but just about. after this. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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>> i talked to the president today. and i talked to the chief of staff today. particularly about the trickier. when i pointed out to him is we would love to have them, but we have lots of things to do. i am not trying to insult him,
8:41 pm
but i know that he had planned a trip to new jersey and represents the whole region. neil: all right, all right, i just want you to think about what mayor bloomberg possibly said. mr. president, i really can't be bothered. i have a city that is knee-deep in water. i have thousands without power. i have burroughs that are now part of europe. i can't be bothered. that takes nothing away from governor chris christie in new jersey who did meet with the president today. you can read all sorts of political mess into this. if i am chris christie, i can say this as a new jersey resident, you look for how you can find -- where they say look, you need some help, i'll take it. and i take nothing from bloomberg blowing the big guy off. but i will say that you have to mayor bloomberg. man, oh man.
8:42 pm
anyway, betty mccoy agrees with bloomberg's decision. >> you did the right thing for three reasons. cops come in traffic, money. new york is receiving 2191 911 calls per hour. no desk jobs allowed -- we can't afford to redeploy any of those. >> he says hey, mr. president, come on down? macnet is a different place from new york city. when the president comes to new york on is gridlock even on a sunny day.
8:43 pm
new york is are equipped with traffic because there is no mass transit. everybody who has to be in new york is in the car. >> a lot of them are very annoyed at chris christie for doing this. i was look at it as, you know, you are trying to help the people in your state. the president has the connections to get the money. thanks to whatever their relationship was or is. that money came "fast and furious." the president comes down and helps the city that is under water. >> our mayor is also right. i normally don't agree with them. i don't like you know into things. [talking over each other] neil: i agree with you and all that stuff, but by the way, it is not difficult to hear. you could say that both gentlemen showed the proper spot in the face of this. i don't read all this political intrigue. i will say a bloomberg that he
8:44 pm
could have found it maybe in a nicer way to insult the president? >> is a matter of fact kind of guy. maybe he is dreaming of watching you for 11 hours on election night. >> be one there are always dreams. thank you very much. betty mccoy. no one knows this budget crisis better than she. we will be relying on her great deal through the election. thank you so much as always. cell phone service is slowly starting to come back. unfortunately, the announcement on a cell phone network. i'm kidding. just seeing if you're keepingd , up. [laughter] don't rush into it, i'm not looking for the fastest answer. obvisly verizon. okay, i have a different chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon.
8:45 pm
it's so much more than the other ones. so what if we just changed the format altogether ? isn't that the exact same thing ? it's pretty clear. still sticking with verizon. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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neil: all right, how are we doing? when you look at the economy, we are doing a little bit better. but the romney folks indicate that we are not doing well. there lies the debate. whether it cuts it or it doesn't. they are hoping it will be enough to cut it in a slow but steady gain in jobs. weekend tepid as it is. hoping it will be enough to get him another four years. let's go to tobin smith. today we have housing indicating that it's looking a little better. home prices up a little bit. jobs are bumpy and the obama administration seems to be saying that it's not great, but it's better than it was. will that be enough to close the deal? >> well, i will tell you this. it is down to eight states. in the eight states where this will be contested from the independent voter -- they have to ask themselves, it's four more years of slow growth going
8:49 pm
to get me to where i want to be financially? are we going to unleash the power of the economy that we are holding back, or are we going to be on the tepid look. i think you would say that i can't take another four years. neil: it is interesting when you look at the numbers that it is a lousy lousy recovery. we have gotten so used to this, that even when they are mildly a dismal expectation, we think we have hit a home run and we are happy as can be. >> i think that that is the case. in the beginning he says there are some signs of things getting better. 424 of the 500 s&p 500 companies have reported downward revisions for the fourth-quarter earnings. we have a consumer confidence level this week it was reported. the lowest in history. if you put money in a five-year
8:50 pm
cd, you are earning 1.73%%. we have $16 trillion in debt. the housing market in major areas in the united states, the california coast or new york city, is still off 20 or 25% from three or four years ago. friday is a very important number. for this president. >> do you think that it will be that fixated on a? or is there impression or reform regardless of what the number is? >> you can always tell by the way the surveys are going. you know, the person who hasn't made their mind up, if they're going to make their mind up on that data point, which is probably going to look better in the news or, you know, because we had problems with the weather,. neil: but the point i do want to pick up, at least in our fox
8:51 pm
news poll, i heard about this, but that one shows that among independents, mitt romney still has a very nice cushion. a seven-point cushion. here is for romney two weeks ago, he had a 12-point cushion. what you make of that? if independents are the ones you have to win over, as he peeked? >> i don't think he has necessarily peaked. i think he has the momentum. i think that the jobs number is weak on friday. i think he can build off that momentum and alaska last for five days. in the last four years, people have not been put back to work. when that happens, the real estate market, the stock markets, without any quantitative easing but which work in any upward momentum direction. >> now it is the market, right? into kyle's point about so many different disappointing
8:52 pm
earnings, the earnings contractions that some experts, smart guys like you remind me that that can equal bad economic news. if that is so, let's say that you're both right. but it is a moot point. but it happened after the election. barack obama, it comes after the fact, right? >> yes, you're right. let's never confuse the economy with the stock market. he looks forward six months, nine months. we got way ahead of ourselves and they also sort of figured out that, you know, mitt romney -- there is a number today that was specifically true. something like 12% and 4% republican, he said colectomy, i'll make the market go up, and that is probably safe idea. >> you know, calvin coolidge had also been among that group and the stewardship of the market. we all know how that turned out. any final thoughts?
8:53 pm
>> final thoughts are that i think romney has the momentum. i am more pleasantly surprised about how he has turned this around. the first debate obviously gave him the momentum to build off of. and i think we are looking better than i thought we would be going into november 6. >> i want to thank you both for joining us tonight. always great. neil: getting news in from all this ongoing flood damage. apparently the latest victim of the flood damage, no less than the september 11 memorial built around old world trade center. we were showing you this picture last night during serious flooding in and around the site. it is to the extreme right of the screen and it was originally the base of the world trade center towers and the flooding has gotten to the point now where it is threatening the foundation level itself of the
8:54 pm
museum and everything that is around it and under construction. keep in mind this is not finished. it is the museum that will ultimately open in the early part of next year. that looks like it's going to be potentially delayed. at the very least. it's like if you're planning a big event in a couple of weeks. he put that event off. irking sandy is not so dandy. after this follow the wings.
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the. >> been nothing about five days ahead of the election. i have done the math. it is next tuesday. the closer we get keep the mind besides the fox news, our tv shows, everything starts and 88 crescendo this weekend. we will handicap what is at stake. big developments off the chart guest a wish i could share but ikea to.
8:59 pm
sunday we are back again your world ahead of the blitzkrieg you could have million still without power. the coverage begins at 6:55 p.m.. why? why not? polls start closing at seven we want to be ahead of the game to get your popcorn or anything that i recommend we will go late. if the power outages are indication right now i am going at 6:00 a.m.. at least. we are here

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